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About the Artist:
With her grandfather being a painter (painting below by Albert Merrikin. Published on cover of Yankee magazine) and her father a woodcarver, Christine Musser (nee Merrikin) has known she wanted to be an artist since the age of 4. Shortly after graduating with a degree in Illustration from the Rhode Island School of Design, she moved into a small live/work studio in Seattle (Fremont neighborhood) and began painting abstracts on canvas, paper, and plexiglas.

In addition to her paintings on canvas and plexiglas, Christine also paints on silk (silk scarves), creates fused glass wearable/functional art, makes mosaics (current project is a 5x5' outdoor chessboard), polymer clay figures/switchplates, and occasionally some freelance illustration work (and is at work on her first children's book). She also volunteers as an art docent at a local elementary school.

Custom orders are welcome. Please contact Christine directly at merrikindesigns@hotmail.com.

Fused glass:
The glass becomes my “canvas” – which is assembled in layers, sometimes as many as five. This layering gives the glass not only a painterly but also a sculptural effect. Each layer may contain hand drawn illustrations, stamped/stenciled designs and/or metallic/glass elements.
The glass is fused in my home studio at 1500 degrees for 4-8 hours. Once cooled, I grind the edges of the glass and then return the piece to the kiln for firepolishing and/or slumping (the shaping of the glass).

Silk scarves:
Like the glass, the scarves are one of a kind creations. For the abstract pieces, I start with white silk and then create the composition without a preconceived sketch of the final design. This process is very similar to how I paint on canvas - the work becomes more improvisational but yet the colors used are recorded so that another scarf while not identical to the first can still be made to match the original color scheme. After the initial layer of color is applied, I then use gutta linework to add another layer of depth and to create the overall design. Steam set dyes are then added by using a watercolor brush. Once dried, the scarf is steamed for colorfastness and then washed/dried/ironed.

Some of my scarves contain felted wool and/or silk fibers. The felted accents not only add an interesting textural effect to the silk scarf but also add an extra element of warmth.

All of my silk scarves are handwashable. Simply wash by hand in cold water with Woolite or even shampoo and then follow with a liquid fabric softener and rinse. Gently wring the excess water out and line dry. While slightly damp, use iron on setting 2 or low.



Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI. Graphic Design/Illustration major. 1986-1990.

Certificate in Bookbinding. Daniel Gibson Knowlton Co., Bristol, RI. (Wikipedia mention: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daniel_Gibson_Knowlton)


 June, 1995
Troll Art, Seattle, Wa.

 Jim Howe – Fine Woodworking, Seattle, Wa.

Dec., 1995
 Empty Space Theater, Seattle, Wa.

Sept., 1996
Troll Art, Seattle, Wa.

Oct.-Nov., 1996
Bright Street Pub & Cafe, Seattle, Wa.

Feb., 1997
Jim Howe – Fine Woodworking, Seattle, Wa.

Sept.-Oct., 1997
Art/FX Gallery, Seattle, Wa.

July-Aug., 2002
Art/FX Gallery, Seattle, Wa.


June, 1995-
Participant in the Fremont Art About (Art walk. Open studio.)

June, 1996
Gallery 154, The Fremont Fine Arts Foundry, Seattle, Wa. “Exhibition Fremont.”

July 1996
Gallery 154, The Fremont Fine Arts Foundry, Seattle, Wa. “Foundry Direct.” Featured works by the resident artists of the Foundry.

July, 1996
 The Black Citroen, Seattle, Wa. Featured works by Christine Merrikin and Roger Wheeler.

Sept., 1997
SOLART. http://www.solart.com/artist/christine.merrikin. Web-based gallery.

9/97 - 3/98
Art/FX Gallery, Seattle, Wa.

Women's Art Group Show, Seattle Design Center, Seattle, Wa.


Redmond Saturday Market

1997, 1999, 2002
Museum of Northwest Art, MONA Style Wearable Art Show, La Conner, WA

RAGS Guild, Tacoma, WA.

2003, 2004
Hilltop Holiday Show, Bellevue, WA.

2004, 2005
Pickering Barn Craft Show, Issaquah, WA.


Museum of Northwest Art, La Conner, WA
Pacific Science Center, Seattle, WA
Seattle Opera, Seattle, WA
Elements Gallery, Bellevue, WA
Imagine Gallery, El Pedregal, Scottsdale, AZ
Art/FX Gallery, Seattle, WA
Frank & Dunya, Seattle, WA
Rebecca's of Sarasota, Sarasota, FL
The Marketplace on Broadway, Ocala, FL
http://www.merrikindesigns.etsy.com (Merrikin Designs store)


Tom Brokaw
David Horsey, Seattle, WA.


 Women’s Art, Seattle, Wa. Fine art representative for Seattle, Puget Sound, Tacoma, Wa.

 Angela Pershnokov, Seattle, Wa. Apparel representative for silk scarf line(Mind’s Eye Cravats) in Washington State. 

Rebecca Timpel. Rebecca's Accessories, Atlanta Apparel Mart, Atlanta, Ga


Apr., 1995
Very Special Arts Washington. “Art Hook.” Redhook Ale Brewery, Woodinville, Wa.

Nov., 1995
Group Health Foundation. “Celebrate the Arts. 1995 Benefit Art Auction & Dinner.” Seattle Sheraton, Seattle, Wa.

Nov., 1995
Children’s Hospital Guild Association. “Light Up a Child’s Life Auction.” Four Seasons Olympic Hotel, Seattle, Wa.

July, 1997
Group Health Foundation/Woodland Park Zoological Society Auction, “1997 Jungle Party,” Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle, Wa.

May, 1998
Children’s Home Society. ”Here Comes the Sun.” Fairwood Golf and Country Club, Renton, Wa.

Jan., 2003
Junior Women’s League of Tacoma, Tacoma, WA.

Mar. 2008
Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Cole's Champions, Fife, WA.

Nov., 2008
Harvest for Education, Rosa Parks Elementary School, Redmond, WA.

Nov., 2009
Harvest for Education, Rosa Parks Elementary School, Redmond, WA.


Member, Art Not Terminal Gallery, Seattle, WA.

Member, Fremont Arts Council, Seattle, WA.

Member, Fremont Art About, Seattle, WA.

Member, Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI)


New Directory of Apartments and Condominiums, Providence, RI. Photographed condominium complex in color. Published in 1988 edition of directory.

New Directory of Restaurants, Providence, RI. Designed cover of publication (illustration and layout). Unpublished.

Label for Ragged Aces Ale. Illustration created in Adoble Illustrator and Photoshop.


Rhode Island School of Design Museum, Providence, RI.
Assisted instructor of children's art class. Assisted with development of lesson plan. Prepared materials needed for class. Instructed children in use of materials. Critiqued students’ work.

Prospect Heights Housing Project, Pawtucket, RI. Part of Attorney General James O'Neill's "Straight to School" program. Taught class of 20 pupils with 2 other R.I.S.D. students on site. Developed the curriculum with intent to build students' self-esteem. Critiqued students’ work. Encouraged use of unfamiliar materials to create artwork. Displayed students’ work in exhibition at housing project at the end of the semester.

Volunteer art instructor at Rosa Parks Elementary School, Redmond, WA. Develop lesson plan to reinforce classroom curriculum. Instruct students on use of various materials. Display student work in exhibition at end of the school year.


Certificate of Appreciation for “Jumpstart Yourself Straight...to School Program”, Department of Attorney General, RI..

Designed label 2009 Brew magazine label competition (http://www.byo.com/component/resource/article/1942-2009-label-contest-winners). Won Honorable Mention.


Appeared on "That's Clever" (HGTV Network). Demonstrated silk scarf painting technique and fused glass process. Episode #: HCLVR-219. Scarf demonstration can be seen here. Fused glass barrette demonstration can be seen here.



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Contact: Christine Musser   Phone: (425) 241-4484  

Fax: (866) 334-3161   E-mail: merrikindesigns@hotmail.com.

All images Copyright 2012 C. Musser


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